Asda boss calls for strikers to be “thoughtful”

16th December 2022 | Jack Oliver

Asda chairman Lord Stuart Rose has called for striking workers to be “thoughtful” in the run up to Christmas.

Rose, who is a Conservative peer, suggested that some workers “are pushing it a little bit harder than perhaps they should”, in an interview with Sky News.

“I’m not asking people to sacrifice. I’m asking people to be thoughtful”, he added.

Postal workers, nurses, rail workers, bus operators and baggage handlers are some of the many workers who are taking industrial action in the run up to Christmas.

Lord Rose also said it was “shocking” that a fifth of households are short on money to live every month.

Data from RSM revealed that over a third of consumers have no money left over at the end of the month.

Rose said that Asda runs a survey which has revealed that 20% of UK households are running a £60 deficit.

“So what we’ll see is that people, I think, will want a good Christmas, they’ll want to have a nice celebration on the day, they’ll want to look after their children”, he continued.

“But they’ve been very thoughtful about what they can afford and what they can’t afford.”


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