Bradford’s largest sensory room opens at The Broadway

5th June 2024 | Jack Oliver

Asset manager Ellandi has launched Bradford’s largest sensory room at The Broadway shopping centre. The custom-built room was officially opened by Bradford’s new Lord Mayor Councillor Bev Mullaney. 

The space – which was designed by Shipley-based company SpaceKraft – has been praised as a serene environment for neurodiverse people.

Features include mood lighting, mirrors, a musical hand and touch wall, an LED colour curtain, and an acoustic bed.

Christina Beggan, director of asset management at Ellandi, said: “Incorporating a sensory room at The Broadway isn’t just about providing a space; it’s about creating a haven where every individual, regardless of their specific needs, feels understood and included. It’s about transforming a shopping trip where everyone feels supportive and can enjoy memorable shopping experiences for years to come. We have always been driven to create an inclusive community for our shopping centres and we are looking forward to shoppers and visitors using this space’  

Councillor Sue Duffy, portfolio holder for children’s and young people’s neurodiversity, added: “We have recently started a journey working closely with our partners with the aim of making Bradford a neurodiverse friendly district so that when we refer to our city being inclusive it means neurological differences are recognised and respected by everyone. This is a key milestone for all of us as we launch the sensory room in the Broadway, which has been designed specifically to support people of all ages with physical and cognitive skills and also provide a safe space for those who may become overwhelmed by all the sensory output in our modern cities.” 


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