Cornish Bakery proves itself with record highs

16th February 2023 | Phoebe Dobke

Independent bakery chain Cornish Bakery has reported record highs across all elements of business performance in 2022.

The company achieved an EBITDA profit of £4.2m for its full year to May 2022.

Record sales were also achieved across the bakery’s tourism locations, with strong recovery seen in high street and factory outlet centres. 

In line with the company’s commitment to internal culture and a motivated team, Cornish Bakery’s Employee Net Promoter Score moved from ‘good’ to ‘great’, with the company’s lowest ever staff turnover currently being recorded. 

During 2022 new sites have been opened in Plymouth Barbican, Beverley, Stamford, Rye, Whitby and Caledonia Park, Scotland. The company is set to open six new branches in 2023.

Cornish Bakery founder Stephen Grocutt says, “‘Aim Higher’ is one of Cornish Bakery’s core values, and we just keep going higher and higher. Winning beautifully is very important to us and I draw great satisfaction seeing many happy teams and customers. Bakery is without a doubt now THE new coffee shop and I’m delighted that Cornish Bakery is raising the quality bar across the sector.”


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