Dunelm targets more London locations

15th February 2024 |

Dunelm is looking to open more sites in London’s inner boroughs, an area in which the retailer is relatively underrepresented.

Nick Wilkinson, CEO of Dunelm, said the retailer would “like to have more stores in London, particularly in the London boroughs where we don’t have any stores. It’s just a question of finding the right size and doing that in a gradual way”.

The home furnishings retailer currently operates 183 UK stores, with 10 in London boroughs.

Dunelm said it has seen growth in shopper numbers across all demographics, with its highest rates of growth seen in London and within the 16-24 age bracket.

This comes after the retailer reported yesterday that it had seen an increase in profit during the first half of the financial year. Sales were also up, increasing by 4.5% to £872.5m during the 26 weeks to 30 December.


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