Esports venue levels up with bricks and mortar debut

27th March 2023 | Jack Oliver

Esports concept Level Tap is set to become Liverpool’s first competitive gaming venue after signing at Liverpool ONE.

Opening a 6,500 sq ft unit at Hanover Street, Level Tap Liverpool ONE marks the brand’s bricks and mortar debut.

Spread over two floors, the mezzanine will enable streamers and Esports teams to broadcast their gameplay to the lower level, which will house a lounge area with a bar and dining tables, as well as a seating area accommodating over 100 viewers.

The site will host and broadcast live Esports events from around the world and feature eight console stations, along with two racing simulators and 22 PCs.

Level Tap founder Adam Rydings said: “Liverpool is increasingly becoming an huge gaming centre, with a renowned status for games development. Combine this with Liverpool ONE’s reputation as the city’s central hub, home to a community of innovative F&B, retail and competitive socialising outlets, the new Hanover Street unit seemed the obvious choice in which to open our debut venue.”

Rob Deacon, senior asset manager at Grosvenor, added: “Level Tap’s exciting new concept is at the forefront of the growing Esports market, combining the gaming world, with a hospitality-led experience, so it makes sense to introduce such an innovative and relevant concept to Liverpool ONE”.


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