Selfridges sweetens its offering with Miss Macaroon deal

29th November 2022 | Jack Oliver

Selfridges’ Birmingham store has signed a deal with high street retailer Miss Macaroon.

Miss Macaroon, who has made nearly three million macaroons for brands, celebrities, and even royalty, is now being sold in the department store.

The firm now sells gift boxes of ten to 20 macaroons in a variety of flavours.

Part of the retailer’s appeal is the Macaroons that make a Difference (MacsMAD) programme, an initiative which helps people who are low in confidence, have mental health issues or have been unemployed for some time to train alongside professional chefs in a bid to get them back into work.

While helping train skills in catering, retail, and marketing, the MacsMAD programme aids in supporting personal development through mentoring and access to a psychotherapist and counsellor.

More than 130 graduates have so far completed the Macaroons that make a Difference programme, with 27 currently employed at the Birmingham business.

Company founder and CEO Rosie Ginday said: “This mainstream retail exposure helps us grow our brand and, importantly, tell our unique story to a much bigger audience, leveraging much-needed funding in the process.”

“We’re expecting to train another 80 young people over the next twelve months, but that’s just the start. There is also the possibility of creating a joint venture to deliver MacsMAD in conjunction with a partner organisation and to grow the co-delivery model so we can support even more people who need it”, she added.


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