Battersea Power Station opens second phase

14th October 2022 | Phoebe Dobke

Nearly 40 years after its closure, today the long-anticipated Battersea Power Station has re-opened its doors.

The six-acre Power Station has been the second phase and centrepiece of a £9 billion development scheme to house more than 250 apartments, and more than 100 retail and leisure units.

Electric Boulevard, a new high street and part of Phase 3 of the development, is also open to the public from Friday (15th October).

The transformation of the landmark has been a “Herculean” task, says Simon Murphy, boss of the Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPDC).

The four white chimneys were completed dismantled and rebuilt and the brickwork diligently restored by two firms that made bricks for the original building.

Visitors can experience 360-degree panoramic views by travelling 357ft up the north-west chimney in a glass lift.

The restored turbine halls span three levels, comprising; housing, shopping and dining. The Turbine Hall will be the place to go for premium fashion according to BPDC. Meanwhile, Hall B is home to an “eclectic” mix of contemporary brands. This is also where Control Room B can be found, which promises “electrifying cocktails in a historic setting.”

Plans are far from over as the entire project consists of seven phases, 60% of which has now been completed, with 40% to be completed within the next 10 years. BPSDC CEO Simon Murphy said the goal for the development is to have a “balanced mix of space for both commercial and residential.”

“When everything is done in 2032, it would be roughly 50:50. We can choose based on what the market wants, but we don’t want to be dominated by one asset class.”

“Not only has a new destination been created from reviving a disused power station but a thriving community has already been established since opening the first phase of the project, Circus West Village, that we are committed to nurturing for years to come.”


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