Trust more important than price for Gen Z shoppers

10th November 2022 | Jack Oliver

A survey has shown that for customers of online fashion marketplace apps, trusting other users is considered more important than price, despite many customers having less money to spend.

The study, published by Pasabi, asked 116 female consumers aged 18-44 and found that over half (52%) of customers had encountered fake reviews.

84% said trust and safety were more important than price.

Nearly a third (29%) of users said products they had ordered didn’t match the listing, while 22% said they had placed orders where the product never arrived.

Vinted was the most popular app used by the participants, with 86% of those surveyed as users. Depop was used by two-thirds of respondents while four in ten used Shpock. These platforms allow users to sell products to one another, usually second-hand, although some use the digital marketplaces to sell handcrafted products.

Other issues described by the respondents included sellers asking them to write a positive review, despite having a negative experience; being given undeserved negative reviews; and being scammed out of money.

Six in ten users described having a negative experience using the apps while one fifth had complained to their friends.

13% of respondents said they just deleted the app instead of complaining to the customer service team.


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