Watch the Innovation Studio: Should you buck the trend?

4th May 2023 | Jack Oliver

Landlords and tenants must work together and share data to succeed, said members of the panel at Completely Retail Marketplace’s Innovation Studio session, ‘Should You Buck The Trend?’.

The relationship between tenant and landlord has been historically “adversarial” with each party looking after their own data, said Matt Slade, retail director at Quintain.

He explained: “The pandemic’s forced everyone to approach this as very much a partnership. So with all of your brand partners you need to come together and share your homework.”

Slade’s thoughts were echoed by fellow panel member John Hoyle: “It should be open source effectively. Everyone’s trying to serve the same, ultimate, customer”, said the Sook CEO and founder.

Hoyle added: “The adversarial nature of landlord/tenant, if we can change that, we’ll be much more profitable, fairer, and we’ll learn a lot more.”

They were joined by Jason San Diego, CEO and founder of Pathzz, to discuss trends in the marketplace and how data can be used to bring more consumers to retail and leisure destinations.

On the importance of data, he said that from the perspective of both landlords and retailers, it’s about “identifying the needs of the communities, and best serving them.”

He believed that understanding change as and when it occurs, is “paramount to success”.

Watch the full Innovation Studio session above.


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