How retailers can make the most of festive music

16th November 2022 | Jack Oliver

It won’t be long before retailers begin the annual tradition of playing festive music (some perhaps a little too early) in their stores. Many people love it, but for some, hearing the same music over and over again can become a bit of a nightmare.

That’s why it’s important to know when to play festive music without overdoing it. According to research from music licensing company PPL PRS, retailers should remember these tips:

When to start playing Christmas music

Most large retailers release their Christmas adverts around the November 5, and google searches featuring “Christmas music” begin to make an appearance in mid-November, peaking on December 13.

Many people find Christmas music to be a part of the wider festive experience, so gradually increase the amount you play over time. This can help build anticipation for the holiday season while still keeping in tune with staff and customer needs.

Diversify your playlists

Being able to bring a variety of different styles of Christmas music is a great way to stop customers and especially staff from feeling fatigued. There’s plenty of different types of festive tunes you can play. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Having diversity in your music is not only a good selling point for your customer base, but your staff will thank you come January, maybe they’ll even put you on their Christmas list next year!

Which kind of music you play can depend on your venue. If you run a cafe, there’s plenty of festive jazz which would fit right in with your customer base, a welcome change from the same music being played in supermarkets and shopping centres.

Schedule the music for different parts of the day

As with any time of the year, scheduling different types of music throughout the day can help set an atmosphere that changes along with the mood of the customers.

Music can be so important to a retailer because of its ability to invoke happiness. Happy customers are more likely to spend more time and money in your establishment. Festive jazz might be the go-to in the morning, as the day picks up and into the evening try putting on some Christmas chart-toppers that really get the energy flowing.

Your music choices can reflect the character of your business, and can be key in keeping customers and staff happy this festive season.


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