Merry Hill powers up with EV chargers

2nd May 2023 | Jack Oliver

Merry Hill is set to become the second-largest regional hub for ultra-rapid (100kW+) electric vehicle (EV) charging with the scheme now boasting 14 250kW Tesla superchargers.

The announcement from Sovereign Centros comes as part of Merry Hill’s wider ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) strategy, with the new superchargers joining the scheme’s existing 64 fast and rapid EV chargers.

Merry Hill becomes part of the non-Tesla supercharger pilot, meaning all 14 of the superchargers are available for use by drivers of any EV brand, as part of Tesla’s ambitions to encourage more drivers to go electric.

Sovereign Centros say the chargers are capable of adding up to 75 miles of range within five minutes and will be available 24 hours a day.

Jack Gordon, senior asset manager at Sovereign Centros, said: “The installation is a significant milestone for the centre in its journey to becoming more sustainable, and fundamental to our commitment to increasing availability to electric vehicle charging points in the West Midlands area. The 14 ultra-rapid chargers will enhance visitors’ shopping experience, by increasing convenience and elevating accessibility.”


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